What is the Connector Program?

The Connector Program is a unique and innovative workforce development initiative aimed to help immigrants build their professional network, secure relevant jobs and stay in their community.

This program connects employers facing labour challenges to high-qualified talent. Since the program was implemented in 2009, it has seen tremendous success and has been replicated in 31 other communities across the country. The National Connector Program is under a five-year funding agreement by the federal government to help 10 additional Canadian communities develop Connector Programs.

How does a connector program work?

The Connector Program’s innovation and effectiveness lies within three simple steps:

  1. Local immigrant serving organizations and post-secondary career centers refer employment-ready participants (Connectees) to the program.
  2. Program staff coach the Connectee and match them with a Connector in their field.
  3. The Connector and Connectee meet face-to-face. After the meeting, the Connector links the participant to at least three other people in their business network. Those three people also refer three more people to the Connectee.

Become a Connector Community