Key Industry Sectors

Key Industry Sectors

Every Connector Community has different sectors that are strong, growing, or emerging. This page showcases these sectors for each community, as well as important job information – as shared by the community themselves. Every community has different information, that is specific to that area, based on what is available.

If you are interested in relocating to a community, or if you are looking for work there, these links will help you understand what careers and employment opportunities look like now, and in the future.

Alberta Occupations and Key Sectors 


Key Sectors

Calgary Economic Profile

Calgary Local Immigration Partnership


Key Sectors 


Key Sectors

Major Employers


Key Sectors

Entrepreneurship Support 


Key Sectors 


Economic Impact of the Music Industry 

Key Sectors outside of the Music Industry

Cape Breton

Key Sectors 

Cape Breton Profile 


Key Sectors 

Northern Regional Economic Network of Nova Scotia

Key Sectors

  • Manufacturing and Transportation/Logistics and Distribution
  • Ocean Tech
  • Agri-tech
  • Manufacturing (steel, craft distillery & food)
  • Eco-tourism
  • Logistics

Local Chambers of Commerce

Amherst & Area 

Pictou County 

Truro Colcherster 

Valley Regional Economic Network of Nova Scotia

Key Sectors

Workforce Strategy 

Economic Information

Western Regional Economic Network of Nova Scotia

Key Sectors


Job Demand Reports 

Job Search Tools 

Key Sectors 

Niagara Region

Key Sectors


Occupation Outlooks 

Labour Market Information


Key Sectors

Economic Profile

Thunder Bay

Key Sectors 

Labour Market Tools Suite 

Research and Reports on LMI 

Toronto/Greater Toronto Area

Key Industry Sectors

  • Engineering
  • Financial Services
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Cybersecurity
  • Healthcare
  • Supply Chain

Key Growth Areas

  • Information Technology – specifically in Cybersecurity and Cloud Computing
  • Supply Chain – This is filling a need in the sector – it is not expected to grow exponentially

Waterloo Region

Key Sectors

Region of Waterloo Key Sectors

Community Economic Information 

Workforce Information


Key Emerging Sectors 

Saskatchewan Key Sectors


Key Sectors 


Key Sectors