Welcome Fredericton to the NCP!

This summer, the National Connector Program welcomed New Brunswick back to the community! Ignite Fredericton will host the program and assist internationally educated professionals and recent graduates quickly and exponentially expand their professional networks, in order to create opportunities for them to stay in the community.

Connector Program Coordinator Nadia Ivanko, herself a newcomer to the area, says “I am thrilled to bring such a great initiative – The Connector Program – to Fredericton and match those new to the city with established professionals. Being a newcomer, I know how important it is to feel a sense of belonging to a community. It is essential for well-being and self-confidence. Besides, it directly affects one’s decision to stay.”

Fredericton is growing and attracting talent from around the world. “Our community needs effective tools to discover and support great international talents, and this Program could be one of them,” says Nadia. Newcomers and new graduates need to see the opportunities that exist in Fredericton, so they know that staying is not only a possibility, but a way for them to thrive in their industry and contribute to their chosen community. “I am excited to be able to help internationally educated professionals and recent graduates feel at home in Fredericton and contribute to developing a culture of collaboration and inclusion.”

Welcome to the National Connector Program Fredericton! We look forward to helping you build an inclusive and collaborative community through the power of intentional networking!