Connector Spotlight – Teri-Lynn Dempsey, Northern Nova Scotia Connector Program

Across the Country the Connector Program has amazing Connectors (established professionals in the Community) matching newcomers to opportunities in their chosen community. In the town of New Glasgow in Pictou County, an area in northern Nova Scotia, Teri-Lynn Dempsey sees the potential for the program to benefit her community.

Teri-Lynn has been a part of the program since December of 2019, joining just before the onset of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Her experience as a Connector has been a very different one, but that hasn’t stopped her from seeing the impact of the Program on her community. “To me, the program means support – it means a more accessible, inclusive Pictou County. This program is a part of the bigger picture, making new opportunities possible for rural Nova Scotia.”

She is a big proponent of networking and resources within a community. Finding employment in a rural community can be very difficult, something she knows well from moving to Pictou County herself a number of years ago. The Connector program gives Teri-Lynn a chance to give back, an opportunity to help someone network – which in a small community can mean a big advantage when it comes to setting down roots and making the place a home.

She would recommend this program to anyone. She can see the care and passion the coordinators have for everyone in the program – newcomers and professionals alike. In her opinion, it’s going to allow and facilitate a lot of knowledge and diverse perspectives to come to the community and stay, which will make a positive difference for everyone.