Connector Spotlight – Jennifer White

Being involved in the Connector Program is a win-win for Jennifer White, Managing Partner of White Perkins Associates Chartered Professional Accountants Inc. in Yarmouth and Pubnico, Nova Scotia. She is passionate about her community and believes the South Shore is the most amazing place in the world to live and grow. Jennifer has been involved with the program as a Connector for several years. She has even hired two of her Connectees! According to Jennifer, “any community has to have a strong skill base within it to thrive and grow. With the Connector program, we have the ability to attract individuals with high level skill sets and build our labour pool.”

In addition to increasing the labour pool, bringing in diversity to the community broadens the base, and makes it a more interesting place to work and thrive.  She believes the program is a great way to give back to the community and positively impact its future. “You have to live with foresight,” Jennifer says, “you have to live for the future, and when you attract quality individuals to your community, you strengthen your community, and its future.”