Connector Communities Collaborate: A Story

The Connector Program operates in 32 communities across the country. The programs operate separately and focus on what works in their community and area. Though they are all housed in different organizations across Canada, communities do come together (virtually, and sometimes in person) to share best practises, brainstorm ideas, participate in professional development, and support one another.

In some cases, Communities work together to benefit Connectees, Connectors and businesses across regions. Recently, this occurred when the Northern Nova Scotia and Halifax Connector Programs worked with OceanSonics, helping them Connect to talent, and bringing impactful Connectors into the program.

Desiree Stockermans, Strategic Markets Officer with OceanSonics in Truro, Nova Scotia, loves the Connector Program because she gets to be a champion for rural areas. “It’s a great way to connect people to the community – you get to sell the area, and how it’s a wonderful place to live and grow.” The business community benefits too. They usually know where the niche jobs are, the ones that don’t match with the key words in a job search site. When they can share these opportunities with professionals that are new to the community, businesses attract new talent, and fill roles that are sometimes very difficult to fill.

Connector communities can work together in this way as well, in this example, Halifax shared a Connectee with Northern Nova Scotia, and OceanSonics. When communities, businesses and people can come together and rally around attracting and retaining talent in our communities, everyone benefits.