CPA Alberta

Member name: Chartered Professional Accountants of Alberta

Serving area: Industry specifc - CPA's in Alberta

Address:: 800-44 7 Avenue SW
Calgary, AB T2P 0X8

Primary contact:
Javier Vinsome
(403) 398-0931

CPA Alberta first launched their Connector Program in May 2013, as a program designed to specifically assist newcomers to Alberta in the effective transition of their professional accounting careers. In 2014, the scope the program was extended to assist not only internally trained-trained professionals in attaining and developing their networks and networking skills, but the entire designated membership as a whole, including:

  • Internationally-trained professionals who recently immigrated to Canada;
  • Young and emerging professionals (recent graduates);
  • New to the city (inter-province relocation); or
  • New to Alberta (transferred membership from another Canadian province).

Today the CPA Alberta Connector Program is an integral service offered through the CPA Alberta Professional and Career Services department.

The CPA Alberta Connector Program also offers a robust series of networking events and workshops to help participants and prospective participants by increasing their confidence in networking, connecting them to local professionals who they might not normally interact with, and assisting them in growing their business contacts. Past networking events, often offered in collaboration between other Alberta Connector Program providers, have included:

  • Connector Speed Networking Events – collaborated with CRIEC and ERIEC
  • Hockey Night in Edmonton
  • Improv for Life! Stepping Forward – collaboration with CRIEC
  • Coffee Tasting and Networking event at Transcend Coffee
  • Connecting through Professional Narratives- collaboration with CRIEC and the Calgary Economic Development
  • Hockey Night in Calgary – collaboration with CRIEC
  • Managing Your Career Health
  • Guide to Personal Branding in the Digital Age
  • Secret Dinner Networking Event: Food Meets Culture


Chartered Professional Accountants of Alberta
800-444 7 Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta, T2P 0X8

F: 403.398.0930


Chartered Professional Accountants of Alberta
1900 TD Tower, 10088 – 102 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta, T5J 2Z1

F: 403.398.0930