Are you new to Canada and looking for work?

Become a Connectee in the Connector Program and benefit from direct contact with people who are in the habit of making introductions and connecting others to opportunities. Through one-on-one meetings with Connectors who work in your field you will:

  • Learn about the local job market
  • Enhance your networking skills
  • Build a professional network
  • Improve your job search

How do I qualify?

Below are the common qualifications for most Connector Programs (please contact a program near you for specific program qualifications):

  • Hold a valid work permit and have immigrated to Canada within the last five years.
  • Currently living in Canada with the intent to work and stay in Canada.
  • Have sufficient English or French language capability to be employable and to be functional to work in Canada.
  • Employment ready with sufficient resume and interview skills.

There are 35 Connector Communities across Canada and 6 International Communities with more to come. For more information on the Connector Program, contact a program in your area today!

Networking Resources

Visit our Networking How-to Toolkit to find great videos and resources to help you prepare for networking in Canada.

Networking How-to Toolkit

Become a Connectee

To become a Connectee, please contact the Connector Program in your area.